Technical Support
A wealth of helpful information is available in the Steam Community Forum. Descriptions of common problems are listed below, with links on where to find help. If after looking through the links you are unable to resolve your problem, details on how to contact us can be found at the bottom of this page.

Previously Reported Problems

Failed to Start Game (Missing Executable)

Failed to start the game (unknown error)

Failed to start the game (unknown error)

Mac starts game at 800x600

Crashing On Startup To Black Screen ( Step 2 )

Unsupported Resolution, Switching To Resolution...( Step 2 )

Crashing During Gameplay ( Step 1 )

WebRoot Is Blocking Download

After Loading Games, My Characters Moonwalk On The Spot

My Game Starts Very Small And I Can't See All The Options

The Camera Drifts Off To The World Edge Without Me Touching Anything

Slow Performance (FPS) On Below Minimum Spec Machines

Sandbox Player Map Loading Crashing On OSX Mavericks

Sandbox Player Terrain Is Solid Black

Intel HD 4000 Graphics Card Glitches

AMD Radeon HD 7500 Series Crashing Under DirectX 11

Useful Info

Resetting Your Preferences

Where To Find Crash Reports

Useful Command Line Arguments


How To Contact Us

Please email us at including a detailed description of your problem. If you have experienced a crash, please attach your crash report to the email by following the steps under Useful Info (above). Please also include a description of your system including CPU processor, operating system ( including whether 32-bit or 64-bit if known ), system memory, and graphics card make and model. Alternatively please attach a dxdiag report.