The Village Builder RPG
Development Roadmap
Please note that release cycles do not share the same durations. All items are provisional, and may not be included in the final version of the game. Some tasks are omitted for brevity, including improvements outside the original scope.

(in production) means either the model, textures, animations or level design are being worked on.
(queued for implementation) means the art assets are complete, and are ready to be added into the game.
(implemented) means the feature is now available in the build on Steam.
(under consideration) means the feature is under consideration for inclusion in the current release cycle.

Patch 0.5.x Release Cycle
- Mechanics: Unhappiness, Anger And Revolt (partially implemented)
- UI: Civics Dialog (happiness and rationing implemented in Alpha 23e, buildings list in Alpha 24, rest in production)
- Buildings: Carpenter’s and Carpenter
- Buildings: Crooked Cauldron and Witches/Warlocks (assets complete, queued for implementation)
- Buildings: Jeweller’s and Jeweller profession (assets complete, queued for implementation)
- Buildings: Roads (partially implemented, needs UI)
- Editor: Classic Dungeon Traps Kit (partially implemented)
- Enable Engineers’ Flame and Goo Turrets, and Spike Trap (queued for implementation)
- Glacians: Dungeon Kit (Ice Palace) (complete)
- Glacians: Boss: Jack Frost (complete)
- Glacians: Hero: Olga (complete)
- Glacians: Behemoth: Jolly Jeff (complete)
- Glacians: NPC: Kiwa (complete)
- Glacians: Backstory (complete)
- Glacians: Quests/Storyline Writing (complete)
- Glacians: Loot Items (complete)
- Glacians: 3D Weapons (complete)
- Order Of The Fang Monks: Architecture Kit (complete)
- Order Of The Fang Monks: Boss: Grandmaster Chow (complete)
- Order Of The Fang: Hero: Fenrin (complete)
- Order Of The Fang: Behemoth: Rekkor (complete)
- Order Of The Fang: NPC: Acolyte Grey (complete)
- Order Of The Fang: Creep: Priest (complete)
- Order Of The Fang: Creep: Warrior (complete)
- Order Of The Fang: Creep: Slinger (complete)
- Order Of The Fang: Backstory (complete)
- Order Of The Fang: Quests/Storyline Writing (complete)
- Order Of The Fang: Loot Items (complete)
- Order Of The Fang: 3D Weapons (complete)
- Maps: Campaign Snow
- Maps: Monastery Of The Mangy Wolf
- Maps: Ice Palace (mostly complete)
- VFX: Hero Abilities: Fenrin
- VFX: Hero Abilities: Olga (in production)
- VFX: Factions: Jax
- VFX: Factions: Jolly Jeff
- VFX: Factions: Grandmaster Chow
- VFX: Factions: Rekkor
- SFX: Heroes: Fenrin
- SFX: Heroes: Olga
- SFX: Factions: Order Of The Fang
- SFX: Factions: Glacians
- SFX: Locations: Ice Palace
- SFX: Locations: Order Of The Fang Monastery

Patch 0.6.x Release Cycle
- Lava Environment Kit (partially implemented in Alpha 22)
- Lava Architecture Kit (partially implemented in Alpha 22)
- Lava Critters Kit
- Lava Soundtrack (Battle, Several Ambient Tracks) (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: Architecture Kit
- Cult Of Pyros: Boss: Archmagus Brimstone (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: Hero: Kindle (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: Behemoth: Lavallos (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: NPC: Ton Soryp (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: NPC: Pyros (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: Creep: Acolyte (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: Creep: Lizard Guard (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: Backstory (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: Quests/Storyline Writing (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: Loot Items (complete)
- Cult Of Pyros: 3D Weapons (complete)
- House Hraun: Architecture Kit (in production)
- House Hraun: Boss: Barom Hraun (queued for implementation)
- House Hraun: Hero: Freya (complete)
- House Hraun: Behemoth: Singularity XB101 (queued for implementation)
- House Hraun: NPC: Quartermaster McDougal (complete)
- House Hraun: Creep: Villager (complete)
- House Hraun: Creep: Guard (complete)
- House Hraun: Creep: Sharpshooter (complete)
- House Hraun: Automaton (complete)
- House Hraun: Backstory (complete)
- House Hraun: Quests/Storyline Writing (complete)
- House Hraun: Loot Items (complete)
- House Hraun: 3D Weapons (complete)
- Maps: Lava Fields
- Maps: House Hraun
- VFX: Hero Abilities: Kindle (in production)
- VFX: Hero Abilities: Freya (in production: 60% complete)
- VFX: Factions: Archmagus Brimstone
- VFX: Factions: Pyros
- VFX: Factions: Barom Hraun
- VFX: Factions: Singularity XB101
- SFX: Heroes: Kindle
- SFX: Heroes: Freya
- SFX: Factions: House Hraun
- SFX: Factions: Cult Of Pyros
- SFX: Locations: Cult Of Pyros Camp
- SFX: Locations: House Hraun

Patch 0.7.x Release Cycle
- Voice Acting: Gladefolk
- Voice Acting: Withering Dead
- Voice Acting: Grublins
- Voice Acting: Toadkin
- Voice Acting: Order Of The Fang
- Voice Acting: Glacians
- Voice Acting: House Hraun
- Voice Acting: Cult Of Pyros
- Voice Acting: Humans
- Localization (in production)
- Achievements
- Spit and Polish
- Steam Workshop Integration (complete)

Patch 0.8.x Release Cycle
- QA

Descoped Content
- Desert Biome
- Building Interiors