Video Policy

We love seeing what community members are doing with Folk Tale. Videos are an important part of our community feedback loop, and help us identify areas where the game can be improved during development. To help you create legitimate videos, we've prepared this video policy including a grant of license that is often required by websites such as YouTube and

Assignment Of Right To Reproduce

Games Foundry Limited ( “GFL” ) hereby grants you ( “Reviewer” ) the right to reproduce captured in-game video footage from Folk Tale ( "The Game" ) produced by the Reviewer ( collectively the “Materials” ) on the Reviewer’s YouTube and Twitch TV channel(s) and other websites bearing the Reviewer’s name and/or brands ( “Websites” ), as well as permission to monetize the Materials through the inclusion of advertising and/or paid channel subscriptions, subject to the following terms and conditions:

i) The Reviewer must clearly mark or announce the footage as being from the Game;

ii) The Reviewer may only use the Materials for the purpose of previewing or reviewing the Game, playing the Game, and/or producing tutorial videos about the Game;

iii) Any adverts accompanying the Materials should not be in conflict with the Game's future ESRB or similar rating;

GFL has the right to monitor all Websites, and reserves the right to revoke the permissions granted herin at any time, in its absolute and sole discretion, if it feels the terms of this agreement have not been met.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact