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The Withering Dead are a necromantic faction residing in the dank, dark recesses of the world where the dead are laid to rest. Mordrich, the Soul Collector, is raising a legion of undead to work in his cheap sandals factory in an attempt to pay the bills. With people living longer following the publication of the bestselling Tome Of Healthy Living, times have become hard. Moonlighting seems like a valid option.

Mordrich, Lord Of The Plane Of Shadows



Mordrich, the Soul Collector, is gatekeeper to the Plane Of Shadows where lost spirits roam for eternity. Summoned to the Physical Plane by Lilith, Mordrich's physical form is sustained by life force from his true spirit back in the Plane Of Shadows, channeled through a Bone Phylactery.

Mordrich can cause disease and pestilence draining enemies of life, command Bonefinger, torment the souls of the living, and silence areas preventing spellcasting.


Shadow Tunic Shadow Boots Amulet Of Bones Shadow Ring
Lilith The Necromancer



After suffering the loss of her husband Brom at the
hands of bandits, Mordrich sealed a revenge deal with
Lilith that saw her summon him to the Physical Plane.
In return Mordrich would teach her the ways of
Necromancy so that she could summon Brom's spirit
from the Plane Of Shadows and return him to life.

Mordrich remained true-ish to his word, but over the
years the necromantic shadow magic corrupted Lilith.
The passing of time had not been kind to Brom's corpse,
and on summoning his spirit, he wasn't thrilled at the
reality of being a skeleton for eternity. Of course,
it's hard to voice disapproval when you lack vocal
chords and can only make an akalaka sound using
your teeth.


Raise Dead Fear Soul Reap Torment Disease Cloud



Mordrich summoned the spirit of Bonefinger, an ancient dragon from the Plane Of Shadows, binding it to the corpse of a recently dead and rotting dragon.

From the primeval era, Bonefinger is a truly grueomsome behemoth capable of spewing acid breath, causing terror with it's roar, and slaming down opponents en masse with its powerful wings.


Ring Of Life Stealing Talisman Of Doom Shadow Bracer Shadow Gloves