Buildings drive your economic and military might, providing profession training for your villagers.

Bakery Barracks Bee Yard Blacksmith Butchery Cottage Farmer's Field Fisherman's Hut Herbalist's Den Hunting Lodge Monastery Stonecutter's Lodge Storehouse Tailor's Emporium Tavern Weaver's Hut Well Windmill Woodcutter's Hut Workshop


Peasants can be trained in a number of economic and military professions.

Arbalist Baker Blacksmith Butcher City Watch Engineer Farmer Fisher Herbalist Hunter Innkeeper Jeweller Merchant Monk Peasant Stonecutter Tailor Weaver Woodcutter


Each character in Folk Tale can be equipped with their own gear, crafted at your buildings, or looted from the corpses of your fallen enemies.

Weapons Armor Crafting Jewellery Miscellaneous


Each biome has two opposing factions. In the Grasslands, the Withering Dead under the rule of Mordrich, and the Gladefolk, lead by Nara, Earth Mother. Additional factions will be revealed in the coming months.

Gladefolk Withering Dead


Heroes can be faction-aligned, such as Lilith the Necromancer and Willow the Healer, or neutral, such as Ser Gregory. Faction-aligned heroes can only be unlocked by following the faction's storyline. Additional heroes will be revealed in the coming months.

Lilith The Necromancer Ser Gregrory Willow The Healer